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Mom’s Plate :: The Adventures of Pete & Pete: Season 1 by Kevin Wilder

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DVD Review :: Kevin Wilder

Interesting Wikipedia fact: The actor playing Little Pete once had his guitar amp blown by Iggy Pop while being shown how to play the Stooges song “TV Eye.”

Embarrassing confession from loser-ish author:  Like Big Pete Wrigley, I also played trombone in the marching band.

I looked forward to taking another trip to the fictional Wellsville. How could I forget Petunia? Or Artiethe Strongest Man in the World? I wanted to witness real and fantastic elements mixed together. Could it be better than I remembered? 

This time I saw Pete & Pete touching on cinematic details explored more effectively in movies like Raising Arizona and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. And sadly, as an older dude I could only focus on how heavily the show relied on these visual gags and flamboyant jokes. The stories could have gone deeper, but there were still some moments of triumph. We might not have gotten our backstory on the mysterious Petunia, but we still got to see Juliana Hatfield as a scooper of meatloaf, loved by Big Pete and despised by her older lunchlady associates.

Is P & P a piece of Americana that’s better remembered than revisited? Maybe. Keep in mind we’re talking about Season 1, and popular theories claim the show gained some momentum in the following years. I might have had the wrong expectations on my second trip to Wellsville, expecting P & P to be a show for me to “grow into” and not the reverse. 

When The Petes first took over Nickelodeon, they demanded a shift in mid-nineties children’s programming. Filming something this absurd was certainly refreshing in the era of sitcoms like Sister, Sister

And with all snobbishness aside, I should remember how it felt being a kid. Jealousy is the first emotion that comes to mind. Why? It’s simple. What 10 year-old boy didn’t want some ink of a sexy lady wiggling on his forearm?

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Wilder you missed it. I will shed a tear for you tonight.


Sister Sister was awesome as well.

Comment by John

Yeah. I did write this before watching the last couple episodes, where they seemed to finally hit their stride.

Comment by Kevin Wilder

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