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Juanita Gives You Free Books :: Jerk, California by Carrie Rollwagen

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The winner of last week’s giveaway, Boy Proof by Cecil Castellucci, is … Brittany! Congratulations! Send an email to info@somenewtrend with your mailing address, and we’ll get Boy Proof in the mail soon.

Some dogs like to eat homework. Ours likes to give it away! Comment on this post and let us know what you think of Some New Trend (or anything, really), and we’ll put your name in the Dog Bowl of Magic and Literature. Juanita picks a new name each week, so you’ll have a new chance to win every Friday!

Despite constant attempts to butter her up (like Erin, above), Juanita has thus far proved impenetrable to bribery. To win, don’t waste your time petting and tossing chew toys, just comment on this post!

This week’s giveaway is Jerk, California, by Jonathan Friesen. It’s the story of Sam Carrier, a high school kid living with Tourette Syndrome in addition to annoying classmates and a terrible stepfather. Plus, he’s on a quest to win the heart of one perfect girl (naturally). We’ve just started reading it, and we’re hooked.

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Oh, gosh. I LOVE Jerk, California, but I don’t own a copy. It’s a must-own book, too. (Borrowed it from Elisa last year. Think I read it in 24 hours or less.)

Comment by CJ

I need a new good read! Pick me Juanita! :)

Comment by Krista

somenewtrend is awesome…ooo pick me.

Comment by Sanjay Malkani

are you kidding? Juanita loves me. Look how she’s smiling.

I’ve read the Twilight books twice through already. I’m pathetic. I need something new.

Comment by Sutton

If Juanita picks me, I will cook a spaghetti dinner for her and trooper and then bow chicka bow wow you know the rest.

Comment by Olivia Keaggy

I heart Jerk, California.

Comment by Elisa M

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