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Juanita Gives You Free Books :: are u 4 real? by Carrie Rollwagen

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Some dogs like to eat homework. Ours likes to give it away! Comment on this post and let us know what you think of Some New Trend (or anything, really), and we’ll put your name in the Dog Bowl of Magic and Literature. Juanita picks a new name each week, so you’ll have a new chance to win every Friday.

This week’s giveaway is are u 4 real? by Sara Kadefors. It’s about soulmates who meet through the Internet … what more convincing do you need? Okay, here’s some: the book was originally published in Sweden as Sandor Slash Ida. In the Americanized version, the names and the cities have been changed, and some of the more “graphic” scenes have been removed.

Sounds a little sketchy to me. Is this censorship? Let us know what you think by commenting on this post, and you might win your very own galley copy of are u 4 real so you can check out the changes for yourself!

The winner of last week’s giveaway, Paper Towns, by John Green, is … Patrick! Congratulations! Send an email to info@somenewtrend with your mailing address, and we’ll get Paper Towns in the mail soon.

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Come on Juanita! This is my week!

Comment by Krista

…Clearly I’m not one for thorough reading of rules. Since I did happen to catch the ‘catch’ though, I’ll throw in my two cents that I do not believe this to be censorship. I’d consider it so if it was a direct translation sans racy details. Although I’ve yet to read the book, I’d say it’s more likely a case of publishers licensing to make the American version marketable for its audience. While I don’t believe in censorship, I can totally understand if changes had to be made for the purpose of sales. After all, writing is an art, but books are a business (unfortunately, in my opinion).

Comment by Krista

That is totally censorship. I bet the author is pissed.

Comment by Apollo

she reminds me of Westside Story

Comment by Jarrod

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