Some New Trend

Ukeamillion :: Red Slurpee by Kevin Wilder

Another collaboration! Click above to listen to Ukeamillion’s contribution to Some New Trend: a rendition of Red Slurpee, a song about young love originally recorded by Ben Lee


Stephanie Masters runs one of our all-time favorite blogs, Ukeamillion, where she records songs using her ukelele and emotionally uplifting voice. She plays covers by bands we love, and even lets Kevin “chip in” from time to time. Listen to her songs and witness your life troubles vaporize. (Seriously… try it!)

Cary Norton, as you might know, is not only a ukeleleist (ukeist? ukeler?) but a Birmingham photographer who shoots and posts images daily at Electric Lion and Poptpop (Pictures of People Taking Pictures of People). Cary’s also helped with hundreds of “tech support” issues that’ve arisen since the infantile planning stages of Some New Trend. Got it?

Thanks so much Steph, Cary, and Ukeamillion!


Are you interested in collaborating, or giving us your take on Some New Trend? We’d love to showcase your work, whatever it may be. Send us an email if you’re interested.


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