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Juanita Gives You Free Books :: Punkzilla by Carrie Rollwagen

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Some dogs like to eat homework. Ours likes to give it away! Comment on this post and let us know what you think of Some New Trend (or anything, really), and we’ll put your name in the Dog Bowl of Magic and Literature. Juanita picks a new name each week, so you’ll have a new chance to win every Friday.

This week’s giveaway is Punkzilla by Adam Rapp. Juanita loves this book. She’s so punk she won’t even look at the camera! Just before we snapped this picture, she spray painted anti-cat graffiti all over the Dog Bowl of Magic and Literature. It’s going to take us weeks to clean it off. Comment any time between now and next Friday for your chance to win a copy of Punkzilla.

The winner of last week’s giveaway, Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson, is treehuggersinc! Send an email to info@somenewtrend with your mailing address, and we’ll get your book in the mail soon.


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Love this website! It is such a great idea!

Comment by islamari

I am punk! and I am a girlzilla! this book is all about me. GIVE IT TO ME.

Comment by Elisa M

I’m a fan of free.


Comment by vikbook4

kevin, carrie — i can’t wait for the next chapter. i’m a big fan.


Comment by tammy

I’ll read this book while flipping the bird to the man.

Comment by Apollo

adam rapp like the guy in rent?

Comment by amyjo

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