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Your Days Of Plenty Are Numbered :: The Edukators by Kevin Wilder
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I’ll go ahead and say The Edukators included just about everything I like in movies. The 2004 German-Austrian film directed by Hans Weingartner is suspenseful to the point of agony, oftentimes funny, and digs deep into human affairs like love and friendship. The movie’s soundtrack and visual elements are equally appealing, and most of all, it requires staying engaged while calling into question issues of social responsibility.

Sound heavy? Let’s try again.

Two best friends, modern revolutionaries Jan and Peter, are enraged by the many facets of capitalism. They break into mansion-homes for kicks, but their motives happen to be anything but greedy. Rather than stealing from the rich, they have a good time rearranging their home furnishings, and leave calling cards behind with messages like “You have too much money” and “Your days of plenty are numbered.”

the edukators

Like Some New TrendEdukators throws a dangerous love triangle into the mix. Peter’s girlfriend, a young waitress named Jule, has suffered the worst blows of the three. She’s indebted to a more-than-affluent man named Hardenberg, owing him €100,000 for crashing into his Mercedes-Benz. It’s pocket change to the guy, and she knows it. While Peter’s on holiday, Jule persuades Jan to break into the stately home with her. An unexpected love affair evolves between them, and to make matters worse, Hardenberg comes back early to find them wandering about. “I know you!” he tells Jule. The team feels they have no choice but to kidnap him, and—

(Better stop now before I spoil it any further.)

The Los Angeles Times called it “A sweet, funny and gripping romantic adventure … about the limitations of political activism in this day and age, and what happens when your girlfriend and your best friend fall in love.” Get into it!


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