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Spooktastic :: Bad Girls Don’t Die by Carrie Rollwagen


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Everyone knows that it’s best to finish a ghost story in one sitting. If you get up in the middle to, say, do laundry, the book’s demons are free to haunt you, but if you read until the end, they’re vanquished and you’re safe. Really, this is how it works. So, clearly, I had to finish Bad Girls Don’t Die in one fell swoop.

Luckily, Katie Alender made devouring her story in one sitting a pleasure. I don’t have a lot to compare it to on the ghost story front (I don’t do scary … Edgar Allan Poe is about as horrifying as my reading gets), but this book was interesting, readable, and featured smart girls using their wits and creativity to escape difficult situations, which I love.

Plus, detailed descriptions of the main character’s photography habit and her work in the darkroom brought back the Ghost of Yearbook Photographer Carrie Past, complete with nerdy photo lust and my own twin demons of fixer-stained jeans and ruined, purple-splotched negatives.

Some of Bad Girls Don’t Die‘s ghost/demon stuff was on the cheesy side (but how could it not be), and the romance, though pleasant enough, didn’t add anything to the plot. But I enjoyed the mystery, and I even got a little scared. Alexis’s partnership with an exorcist cheerleader reminded me of Buffy (which is a good thing), although I wish their relationship had been woven into the beginning of the story a little more.

And maybe it’s just me, but I wanted to see more ghost-battling cheerleaders, even a whole squad of them … Some New Trend II, perhaps?

If you love ghost stories, or you’re looking for a fun afternoon read, run out and buy Bad Girls Don’t Die. If you’re on the fence, comment on Juanita’s post and enter to win a free copy that we’ll be giving away on Friday.


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I feel exactly the same way about reading scary books in one sitting. If not, they will clearly come after you.

Comment by Elisa M

I’ve always been jealous of Carrie’s ability to do this (with books in general). For me, even early readers require multiple sittings.

Comment by Kevin Wilder

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