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Oh Brother, Where Art Thou :: Punkzilla by Carrie Rollwagen

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Punkzilla, by Adam Rapp, chronicles the adventures of Jamie (a.k.a. Punkzilla) in his quest to get from Portland to Memphis without a car and with very little money. He’s trying to reach his brother, P., who is very ill.

Punkzilla deals with some pretty unsavory stuff throughout the book, from doing drugs to being solicited by drivers to staying on the run from his family, but he handles it all fairly casually and unemotionally. I think that’s a pretty typical reaction of someone who has grown up in chaos, as Punkzilla has.

Punkzilla and P.’s father was strict and controlling, a military zealot who refused to connect to his wife and children. Both brothers were runaways, and Rapp does a great job at illustrating the bond they still have as brothers even though they’re out of touch, out of reach, and are separated by a large age difference.

Punkzilla is similar to The Perks of Being a Wallflower in format (both are told through letters) and tone. Punkzilla does it well, but I couldn’t help but compare the two, and I think Wallflower does it better.

Certainly, read The Perks of Being a Wallflower if you haven’t already. But if you have, and you’re looking for a similar story, Punkzilla holds its own quite nicely.


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