Some New Trend

Other Voices, Other Rooms :: DailyLit by Kevin Wilder

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Ever heard of DailyLit? It’s another way to read books—particularly classics—on the go. There are over 800 free titles to choose from, and like Some New Trend, you can catch up on stories through installments via RSS or email (or get them on your iPhone).

Obviously, we would simply die if you decided to break up with Some New Trend. Our hearts would be crushed if you left us for bigger and better things. But if one chapter a week isn’t suiting your appetite for serialized fiction on a screen, we won’t be stingy if you start spending time with F. Scott Fitzgerald or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as well.

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Thanks for the shout-out!


Comment by Maggie Hilliard

We like you guys! I’ve got my heart set on reading Melville this way.

Comment by Kevin Wilder

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