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LIST WEDNESDAYS :: Things I Picked Up Today by Kevin Wilder

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Things have gotten hectic on floor 13 of the SNT headquarters. As a result, I’m not sure how interesting this post will be, but I spent a good hour or two looking for books this afternoon. See what I mean? More than one birthday gift card was burning a hole in the fabric of my wallet, so I picked up some things for my trip home next week. I’m planning on getting through as many of these books as I can, to make a little headway on my initiative to read a book a week. It occurred to me upon leaving the store that I never even made it to the YA section. Guess for now I’ll save that for Carrie. Anyway, this should be fun:

The Lazarus Project by Alexander Hemon: This author has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship AND MacArthur “genius grant.” His third book has received multiple awards and rave reviews. All I know is it’s about an Eastern European immigrant that was shot to death 100 years ago, and a young writer becomes consumed with his story a century later. There’s also some interesting black-and-white photos inside.

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Juno Díaz: I’ve had my hand on 2007’s Pulitzer Prize winner so many times now that it’s seemed to be following me. I finally gave in. 

Dubliners by James Joyce: I flipped open the book and read a moving sentence demanding instant purchase. Way to go, James. I’ve tried “Portrait of the Artist” a time or two before, but this seems to be more beach-friendly. Wouldn’t you agree? I could’ve reserved a copy from the library, but the Bantam copy was only $4.95. I did the math, and still had a few bucks left on the gift cards. This seemed to beat tearing through another issue of SPIN.

Secrets to Happiness by Sarah Dunn:  I’ll be driving 550 miles or so both ways with nothing but a sleepy Boston Terrier for company,  just like I’ve done a million times. I figured I’d need something for the car. This one I actually reserved from the library, after it was recommended by Gigi Douban on Twitter. Hope I reserved it in time. Don’t think I can justify purchasing an audiobook until Some New Trend gets optioned by Hollywood. 


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