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The Wild Girls by Carrie Rollwagen

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All day, I’ve been searching for the right words to review The Wild Girls, by Pat Murphy. The words aren’t coming, but I’ll give it a shot. On its surface, the story is about two girls who learn about themselves through friendship and through writing. The plot is interesting, but not twisty. The characters are likable and have realistic layers, but they aren’t magnetic. They don’t keep the reader on a rollercoaster. I’m tempted to say The Wild Girls is an easy read because it’s calming and almost soothing, but then that makes it sound boring, and it so isn’t. I liked the characters, I miss the characters, I can’t stop thinking about the characters.

I loved that the book skirts so many genres that are popular now, especially for YA, without giving itself over to any and becoming a stereotype. It talks about class struggles at school—between the popular kids and the not-so-popular, between the haves and the have-nots—but doesn’t delve into Gossip Girl territory. Divorce is an issue, but it’s not THE issue. Magic and story are important themes, but it’s not a driving force like in Twilight, or even The Chronicles of Narnia. Instead of writing for a group of consumers, Murphy is writing here for the reader. Because real readers, real people, are more likely to have some depth. Some layers. We’re not as one-dimensional as the megastores that stock huge displays of vampire books would have us believe.

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