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Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial :: I Love You, Beth Cooper by Kevin Wilder

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“I’m fat…but it’s good fat.”

I Love You, Beth Cooper was every bit as funny the second time around. There’s enough humor in the book for multiple reads or listens. This time it was read to me, and did wonders to make my trip home more bearable. The voice behind the audiobook was Paul Rust: the guy set to play Denis in the movie coming out next weekend.

Denis Cooverman would be the epitome of nerd, if somehow you could find a way to multiply nerd to the thousandth power. On Graduation Day, he uses his valedictorian speech as a platform for confessing his long-suppressed feelings to the goddess-like Beth Cooper. To everyone’s surprise, she’s not completely repulsed by his speech, and even says, “It was so sweet…I’ll have to let you live.” From there the book takes off, taking place within a single evening packed with underage-drinking parties, cow-tippings, microwave-tossings, and a whole lot more.

If this sounds like familiar teen territory, remember that Larry Doyle knows what he’s after. His ridiculous detail, and joke after joke after joke, makes the story clever, fresh, and fun. If you like teen comedies, this is the literary equivalent, and might be the smartest one you’ll find. You’re bound to miss a great deal of jokes (I’m sure I did, both times, since nearly every sentence somehow has one), but it doesn’t matter. Eliminate half the jokes, and the story’s just as enjoyable.

It’s hard not to love every character, from awkwardly tall, movie-quoting best friend Rich Munsch, to Beth’s posse, which consists of beautiful Cammy and overweight idiot Treece (all the minor ones are hilarious, too). I had completely forgotten about the dirty scenes. To be honest, I’m kind of surprised Doyle found a way to alter his story into a screenplay deserving of a PG-13 rating (apparently, there will still be nudity). Chris Columbus directed it (he’s the guy who gave us Home Alone and the first two Harry Potter movies), so basically, the film’s a recipe for success. But even if it somehow falls flat, we’ll always have a hilarious book to return to.


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Hey everyone! I’m back from New Jersey, and fully got the website up to date, and I even finished screenshotting all the catalogs I still needed to do! So starting tomorrow, I’ll be working on that. I hope to be done with all the catalogs by the end of July, although I have nearly 300 MB of catalog pictures to upload…..

Anyway, we updated a ton of pages. They Club Penguin fansite include the following lists/guides: Club Penguin Event Log, Item List, and the Dance/Wave/Sit List

And the following pages: Servers, Elite Penguin Force, (with a new video) Issue 194, Club Penguin Blog, Desktop Backgrounds, Website Banners, and 101 Days of Fun. Enjoy!

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