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List Wednesdays :: Happenin Records & 25 Things to Do by Kevin Wilder

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On Sunday, artist and Happenin Records webmaster Dustin Timbrook announced he would be giving away his most prized painting, titled How Come Jermaine Got Two Popsicles?


In order to win “the single greatest dinner party conversation starter in the history of the world” (seen above) (custom-engraved plaque included), you must be the first to complete Dustin’s list of 25 things to do and record the process by way of audio, video, or digital photography. Warning: the tasks are not easy! Here’s a few:

  • stretch 10 rubber bands around your face at the same time
  • lay face down in the cosmetics section of a supermarket for two full minutes
  • order and pick up food from a drive thru with a bag over your head
  • (CLICK HERE to download the rest, and further instructions in an illustrated booklet)

Hurry up while you still have a chance! Or if you’re too scared, check out Stranger Mail instead.

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