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Lots and lots of thanks by Carrie Rollwagen
August 12, 2009, 1:20 am
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Kevin and I decided to use our last couple of review posts as kind of an acknowledgements and thank you section of our book in preparation for next Monday’s final chapter, so here goes:

Thanks, of course, to all of our readers and listeners. You’ll never really know how much your encouragement means. Thanks to friends who’ve listened to me talk endlessly about this project, especially those of you who have become regular readers and even contributors. Jennifer Edgar has always been the first to offer a compliment, and has helped with advice and editing. John White has continually reminded me to be true to our characters, and has offered great plot and dialogue assistance whenever I asked. Elisa Munoz has been available to listen to my rants day and—probably too often—night. Cary Norton has saved us from technical disaster on more than one occasion, and Stephanie Masters has always come through with comments and fan support.

I’d like to thank my family—my parents, Mike and Susan, my sister Courtenay, and Blaine Lautner, specifically—for supporting this project from the first chapter. Thanks to Jennifer Gorman, Jennifer Crabb, and Wendy Hiers for making my own high school years bearable and providing the inspiration for Stephanie, June, and Bryanna.

I really can’t say enough about the collaborative team that helped make Some New Trend a reality. Seth Newell, your video was brilliant, a lot of fun, and got the project off to a great start, and your organization of our launch party—with a lot of help from Sean Kirby—made the event fun and successful. Drea Zacharenko, I couldn’t ask for a better designer. Your commitment to incorporating our ideas and the heart of our story into a lovely and easy to navigate design provided the structure we needed to support us over the next several months. Jason Slatton, I miss our editing sessions already, and not just because of the Al’s. You taught us so much about writing and about story, and I know your influence on our writing will live long past this blog. John Yam—your illustrations complemented our chapters better than I ever could have imagined, and were like a gift each and every week. They added so much to our project, and I can’t thank you enough.

Finally, to Kevin. You’ve been professional, flexible, and supportive. From your very first line, I’ve been amazed at the quality of writing you’ve produced every week. Thank you for always being available when I needed advice, always meeting your deadlines, always being willing to pitch in when I was busy or sick. Thank you for your excellent edits and ideas for character development. I couldn’t have asked for a better writing partner. I’m so glad we made this crazy idea a reality.


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aw…this made me feel all warm and cozy! I have loved being a tiny part of your adventure.

Comment by Elisa M

Thanks for the sweet reference. I was glad to read the book, and it really was good. I also thought it was awesome that this came up when my name was typed into google.

Comment by Blaine

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