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September 13, 2010, 2:27 am
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It’s been a little over a year since our last stop on the Some New Trend Express. If you’re just now checking in, start clicking around on the left to find out more regarding our little novel in blog form. We tossed a lot of time and love into this project, and plan to keep the site up for your enjoyment.

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– Carrie & Kevin


List Wednesdays :: 1,000 More Thank-Yous
August 12, 2009, 6:45 am
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At the risk of repeating everything Carrie said, I’d like to say a big “Thanks” to:

FAMILY. My Mom, who would set aside time at work to read the latest chapter, and then always call to tell me she loved it. My Dad and Jo-z, who anticipated listening to all of our homespun podcasts. To Christy, Bill, Alyse, Adalin, Justin, Melissa, and everyone in my extended family – I’ll always appreciate your infinite support. I could’ve sought out doing something more lucrative with my life, but even after chasing wild and seemingly unattainable career ambitions, none of you have provided anything but encouragement and validation. I’m also glad that none of you seemed to worry whenever I threw in the occasional dirty joke or swear word.

SNT STAFF. Thanks for remaining dedicated and making our project ten times cooler. Drea Zacharenko — we met shortly before all of this and I couldn’t have been happier with the site, stickers, and press kits. John Yam — receiving your illustrations was like unwrapping a Christmas gift every week, except that you never gave us an ugly sweater or pair of ankle socks. I was thinking we could get matching Will Sharp tattoos. Move back to Alabama and we’ll talk about it. Jason Slatton – it was tough to get around to editing when subjects such as the new Ray Davies solo effort demanded serious attention and nerd-out time. Back when you compiled the “SMiLE” recording sessions for me at Jonathan Benton, I confess, one of the bigger platonic crushes in history from one heterosexual male to another began to develop. Thanks for your edits, advice, and much thanks for aiding me with writing and educational endeavors. And Cary Norton (or should I say Delores?) – you’ve done a great deal more than can be listed on a blog post, but to start, I’m glad we share a work space, and I wish I could be there to distract you more. You’re really good at board games, but you should practice lobstering more often if you plan on staying up-to-par with your competitors. Sean Kirby and Seth Newell – our first idea was to recruit some Red Bull girls, but you were cheaper. Just less hot. Truthfully though, you were a great promotional team. Plus you knew how to operate a video camera. And you did other stuff, only it’s all too illegal and unethical to mention.

FRIENDS. There’s more of you than the people listed below, so I’ll try to cover the friends that told me they were reading, along with a handful that were around as the project developed. Here we go: Matt Binnie, Renee Boucher, Jarrod and Stacy Allen, Kipp and Jesse Williams, David and Anna Carrigan, Van and Sarah Newell (a lot of thanks here for education assistance), Matt and Jessica Parsons, Aaron and Amanda Lane, Helen Harris, Garret Simpson, Andrea Northen, Alan Barton, Dallas and Allison Taylor, Elisa Munoz, Jenna Lyle, Stephanie Masters, Stefanie Tubbs, Brandon and Brooke Ballard, Jessica Jones, Amy LaRue, Jeanette Brabston, Olivia Keaggy, Sarah Moorad, Firekid and Meg McClung, Steven Lambert, David Smith, Evan and Chrissy Labit, Brooke Yeah, Elise and Mark LaGory, Daniel Kirby, Jenn Edgar, Sarah Schmidt, Claire Cormany, Jamie and Tammy Harper, Tiffany Fuller, Taylor Gonzales, Meghan Ellie Smith, Krista Montelpare, Watermark, Shades Valley Community Church, Crestline Starbucks & Urban Standard coffeemakers, BiciCoop, Underoath, April Cover, REAX, former bandmates, old and new coworkers (Amy Miranda, Tatanka, Matt Allen, AJ Roach, others from Daily Cup/JBB, Fly Bar & Restaurant, Urban Outfitters, etc.). And to any other readers that’ve found their way to the site – you’ll forever be our friends too.

CARRIE ROLLWAGEN. You’ve been my neighbor, boss, coworker, barista, reading peer, nurse, personal chef, therapist, scooter advisor, and writing partner. We’ve written a couple other novels (and screenplays!) in close proximity over the years. In the spirit of tight deadlines and taking on more than you can handle, you came up with the concept of writing a book together to share with others for free. The night before April 6th I couldn’t sleep. While Josh was nervous about establshing contact with Bryanna, I was nervous about establishing contact with our audience. Would anyone read the thing? Would they like it? Surely they’d think we had serious issues. And didn’t we, though? You calmed my nerves and helped me go through with it, and made it easier even when it was hard. You’re a hard worker, talented writer, but more than any of the roles I’ve listed you’re a great friend.

Now that I most certainly sound like a big ol’ weepy-eyed pantywaist…

SOMEONE. Anyone. Please give us money.

Chapter Nineteen :: Josh

chapter 19




Five words. One-syllable each. A single oversimplified sentence whispered to June over coffee before leaving the Food Court fountains.

If my life were a popular television series, a deep voiceover speaker could announce “Previously, on ‘Josh Bates’ Existence’…” Some important clips could then play from my recent past and prepare the patient audience for some closure the present day would reward. But life is rarely this straightforward. It’s one big difficult decision after another. People can only turn into themselves once, and the whole time secretly wonder if it’s the person they were meant to be.

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List Wednesdays :: iPhone Apps For Writers
August 5, 2009, 10:37 pm
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refurbished_royal_typewriter_red_1Any writers out there? How about writers that’ve jumped on the iPhone bandwagon? A couple weeks back I came across this post from The Editorial Engine telling us about 12 iPhone apps for writers. Check it out!

Sine coffea nihil sum :: Assassination Vacation

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“Going to Ford’s Theater to watch the play is like going to Hooters for the food.”

“Like Lincoln, I would like to believe the ballot is stronger than the bullet. Then again, he said that before he got shot.”

“You know you’ve reached a new plateau of group mediocrity when even a Canadian is alarmed by your lack of individuality.”

Wow! Who knew assassinations could be this much fun? (*Correction: Who knew learning about assassinations could be this much fun. -Ed.)

Sarah Vowell, in addition to being one of America’s favorite cultural critics and social observers, happens to be an authority on the subject. During the introduction, she speaks of her obsession with presidential deaths, and how nearly every conversation somehow lead to this topic. It’s her expertise and sense of humor, combined with what might be the world’s most adorable voice, that make Assassination Vacation a total winner.

Maybe like me you’ve been to Ford’s theater. But did you know that Abe’s son Robert Todd Lincoln happened to be nearby when a total of three presidential deaths occurred? Also, did anyone ever tell you that President Garfield’s assassin was part of a weird nineteenth-century vegetarian sex cult? Vowell’s here to inform us this, along with a lot more. The anecdotes associated with her travels to these historical sites also occasionally make their way into this book, since after all, it is a vacation.

I recommend the audiobook, that way you’ll get to hear the original music. And even better, voices for former presidents and tour guides are provided by people like Dave Eggers, Jon Stewart, Catherine Keener, Stephen King, Conan O’Brien, and several others. How do you beat that?

The Funny and the Profound :: Downtown Owl

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The Dog Lover was like an anti-humanist version of Ralph Nader, except 8 inches shorter and less interested in seatbelt technology.

For Chuck Klosterman’s fifth book, and first novel, he returned to familiar territory. The story takes place in the North Dakota town of Owl, and follows at least three citizens in 1983-1984. Mitch is a smart, girl-obsessed teen athlete whose class, along with the rest of the school, is reading Orwell’s 1984 to draw comparisons. Horace is a seventy-something man, who’s received his share of hardships, like dealing with the loss of his wife to a rare sleep disorder, and being cheated out of her life insurance money in a scandal. And Julia just moved to Owl for a teaching job, only to find out that every man in town is pursuing her.

There’s a lot to love about Downtown Owl. The good parts are great. The great parts are funny. Klosterman is able to juggle several non-interlinking stories at once. Sometimes, however, the narrative seems to go nowhere. In several longwinded portions, he gives into his editorial tendencies, talking extensively about sports and other topics that digresses from what’s ultimately interesting about the story: the characters, and their efforts to understand what is normal.

I heard an interview a while back where the author admitted finding difficulty in the process of writing fiction. Keeping this in mind, this book might be his winning inception. Can I admit, though, that I feel the same way about Chuck Klosterman as I do Kanye West? The very minute I think he’s glittering with respectability, he’ll say or do something to get under my skin. I loved what he wrote in a copy of my friend’s book, but hated it when he decided not to review King Dork, claiming the subject matter was too elementary. He might have hilarious views on some things and inaccurate opinions on others, but maybe we all can be blame for this. And furthermore, if from time to time  you wonder if you’re truly normal, well, you might have just found something in common with these characters, which might be a good enough reason to read this book.

List Wednesdays :: Earth Facts (Seriously!)
July 29, 2009, 6:45 am
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I struggled for a while before coming up with today’s list. And while I’m still not sure these facts about THE EARTH have anything to do with anything, I thought they were interesting. If you have a list you’d like to see in an upcoming week, send it on!earth 1.white-background.300

Estimated Weight (mass): 5,940,000,000,000,000,000,000 metric tons
dotEstimated Total Age: 4.6 billion years
Current Population: 6,446,131,714
Surface Area: 510,066,000 sq km
Land Area: (148,647,000 sq km) 29.1%
Ocean Area: 335,258,000 sq km
Total Water Area: (361,419,000 sq km) 70.9%
Type of Water: 97% salt, 3% fresh