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When she’s not reading or writing YA literature, Carrie Rollwagen is the copywriter for Southern Living At HOME, a direct sales party planning company. She writes about candlesticks and vases for their catalog, plus she does a bit of script writing and ghostwriting for the company.

She describes her biggest writing strength as her versatility, writing for everything from weekly newspapers such as The Birmingham Weekly and The Florida Sun to promotional copy for Southern Living At HOME and The Village at Cook Springs to blogs such as Triathablog and Cheap Women.

Writing for Some New Trend has fulfilled one of her most long-standing (she would say longsuffering) dreams, which is to write a novel for the Young Adult audience.

As the former manager of Jonathan Benton, Bookseller, an independent bookstore in Mountain Brook, Alabama, she loves books and hopes to eventually publish a printed book.

Carrie’s a vegetarian, a knitter, and a Vespa owner. She likes to run, screenprint, watch TV, and drink Red Stripe.


kw_photo_721KEVIN WILDER

Working as a receiver (a.k.a. “stock boy”) in the back of a clothing store has made Kevin Wilder no stranger to the retail experience. Though mornings are spent unpacking and processing cartons of shipment, his afternoons are reserved for writing.

Kevin began writing in high school, drawing inspiration from an impassioned, if not crazy, English teacher. When his former company experienced downsizing several years back, Carrie came to the rescue and offered him a position at Jonathan Benton, Bookseller that very day. Here he was subjected to books of all genres, and began considering trying to write some himself. In Florida, he became a contributor at REAX Music Magazine—a short stint leading to his current part-time freelancing career.

In addition to Some New Trend, Kevin will attempt to read 1 book a week in 2009. You can check on his progress at The Gulf Scream. His other blog, Weekly Fizz, aims to provide information on strange, foreign, and hard-to-find sodas.

As a lifelong renaissance man and worker of odd jobs, Kevin’s interests are sporadic. He’s practiced photography and performed music, and more recently, tried his hand at moped repair.


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Carrie is the best big sister, ever!you forgot to mention that!

Comment by court-bort

This is wonderful to be able to see you on screen. I wish you and Carrie fantastic results with this project. I will be one of your most faithful admirers. That poor computer didn ‘t stand a chance – that is what I feel like doing to my computer frequently. PaPa & I love you very much, Kevin. It was wonderful being with you last weekend. We pray for you constantly

Comment by Vera(MeMaw)Wilder

I’m a big fan of your work. Thanks for your work on with Big Green Monster.

Comment by Bill Bryan

Thanks, Bill. It’s been a while.

Comment by Kevin Wilder

hey bro i am really proud of you. I cant believe how crazy u are i miss u tons ad i wish the bst for ur career

Comment by cassie hartman

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